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Are you searching for a 123 Reg voucher code coupon? Are you looking for domain registration services and web hosting at a cheaper price? We have a collection of codes below, providing discounts typically ranging from 10% to 50%How to save money and get a discount on domains and hosting.

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SSLs encrypt information sent between your website and a visitor's web browser, so that it cannot be read as it is sent across the internet. It's most commonly used when websites request sensitive information from a visitor, like a password or credit card number. If you or your customers want to do business online, you are likely to need an SSL Certificate.

The .com domain, which is powered by Verisign, is the world’s premier Web address. Whether your customers are all over the world or just down the street, .com is the global standard for doing business online. is the UK’s most popular domain. It’s the first choice for anyone looking to create and host a website for any business based in the UK.

Why choose a extension? This is a popular choice for companies that find their preferred or .com domain has already been registered by another business. It is also a popular choice for anyone looking to create and host a website for a company based in the UK.

Along with .com and .net, .org was one of the original global domain types released on the internet. The 'ORG' extension is consodered to be ideal for a diverse range of websites such as non-profit organisations, charities, research bodies, government institutions, unions, galleries and museums.

.co domains offer individuals, organisations and businesses a truly global, recognisable and credible web address for branding their online presence. It is the online space where possibility meets opportunity, where people can bring their ideas to life and where the world's next great enterprises are making a home.

Web Hosting allows you to publish websites on the internet. You upload your website to a web hosting service so that other people online can see it. Our hosting packages are bursting with advanced features as we have crammed them all with the latest hosting features your business needs to succeed online. 


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.COM domains are the world’s most popular names. Finding a great .COM is still the first choice for anyone looking to build a new website. This TLD is so popular that it may be difficult to find your perfect one available, so hurry and buy yours today.

For .CO.UK transfers, please refer to the support site for the IPS Tag.

Domain email enables you to have a professional email address that is personalised to your domain name. Get organised by having all your emails, tasks, contacts and your calendar in one place. Plus you can use webmail allowing you to work from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Regarding POP and Outlook, please refer to the support service for the IMAP setting and SMTP email settings.

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